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foster care update

Our social worker called yesterday and said “I have great news for you!”

My heart immediately jumped–a baby!!

And then she went on to say “you and your husband cleared your fingerprints”

Oh.  well duh.  I wasn’t worried about that:-)

So our sloooooow process continues on.  We each received an unexpected 12-page essay question application yesterday about adopting transracially.  Our social worker is picking our completed answers up today, so I’m taking it as a good sign, though it has been quite the task filling out and completing this document.  Here is just the first page…

We have our second agency home visit today now that our foster care plan has been revised–baby in our bedroom with the intent of turning our dining room into a bedroom when needed for adoption. Once that has cleared, then we can schedule our state home visit. And unless they come up with more documents for us to complete then we’ll have dotted all of our i’s and crossed all of our t’s and will just be on the waiting list….

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